Saturday, August 1, 2020

A Few Goodbyes

First to the New Batch who took off last week, just like their siblings without a word of thanks. That's it for Mrs Robin, hubby said. That nest atop the motion detector lights has got to go. Well we'll see. 

And a very sorrowful goodbye to the roadside wildflowers along the lane. The chicory, aka cowboy coffee, was a heavenly blue

And made a great double act with the white Queen Anne's lace - yes that's what the Americans call it.

We don't have that much to put joy in our hearts at the moment and that was one of them. And goodbye to the pretty show of clover and daisies looking down on the babbling brook under the road.

Every year a sadist from the local authority comes around with a fiendish, rumbling machine. My heart sinks when I hear it coming up the hill. One year I nearly threw myself in front of it to stop him massacring a bank of small trees. But he's still coming and mowing everything down.  It's heartbreaking and we don't know why he does it, unless he's been told to go and find something to do. 

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