Thursday, August 6, 2020

And Some Pretty Sights

Dateline: Cattaraugus County, western New York state

There could be worse places to spend a quiet, social distancing summer.
  Here's a cousin of Chippy's from far up the lane. You can't stay cross with them for long. (See below)
And a misty forest.
And a foggy lane. This is near where my neighbour saw a 400lb bear crossing.
But not this day. And here's some Queen Anne's lace again, before the Mad Mower got to it. It never ceases to amaze. Every one is ever so slightly different.
And here's Jack Daniels, as I call the Clematis Jackmanii, looking particularly chipper on the garden shed a couple of weeks ago. For the first time this year I've managed to keep the slugs, apart from one or two diehards, away from the window boxes. I still can't work out how they get up there.

And the neighbour's pond, all spooky in the morning mist. What lurks in those depths? (Well there are some pretty big fish jumping around, not to mention a few frogs that take a running jump as you approach.)

And from the other side, a few seconds later.  

Walking along, I scared, not a frog but a huge turkey out of a very tall tree, the first turkey I've seen around here for a very long time. The sound it made was like a round of applause. The geese have been inordinately noisy too, in the last couple of days. I hope they're not planning to go south already. Today we heard the troubling news that they expect so many hurricanes this year that they may run out of letters of the alphabet and have to start on the Greek one.  At least here we mostly just have thunderstorms
Oh and here's the pond in the sunshine. See - nothing spooky there!

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