Tuesday, October 6, 2020


 Dateline: Cattaraugus County, western New York state

Winterising is the word that somehow has lodged in my head regarding the pathetic precautions we are trying to take against 1) Deer 2) Icy wind 3) Deer 4) Deer 5) Deer 6) Deer ravaging the garden while we're away. This year we've got  a new kind of fencing for the rhododendrons, mountain laurels and blueberry bushes -  a lot higher, stronger and, well we'll see.

  It was inappropriately good weather for it though.

And I have to say the jungle has been looking pretty heavenly.

The colours already a contrast from a few days ago,

The chrysanthemums aka "mums" in the American way look good enough to eat

The hanging baskets are still hanging in there

Mixed with the black eyed-Susans - I swear this is the last year I'll let them go awol....

And I'm amazed at porch geraniums - why do they do so much better than the others?

But in a few days it'll be every plant for itself. They'd better enjoy life while they can.
Good bye also to the lane

And the cornfields

Because we're shortly heading south again. Not a pleasant meandering road trip as in days gone by but a fast dash with only one overnight stay. Such is the new normal. If we take care to avoid motorbike rallies and the White House we hope we'll come through OK.

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