Saturday, October 3, 2020

Yet More Chipmunkery

 The stripy scamps have been at it again. Things have quietened down a bit now but a few days ago the back garden was a hub of frenzied activity. All around the oak tree, acorn-laden fallen twigs. Or rather not fallen but deftly nipped off.

This is not the first year it's happened and while I once puzzled over it, I now know exactly what they're up to. It's a relay. One team member shins up the tree..

There he goes.. (Hang on, aren't they sometimes called ground squirrels?)

To nip off the twigs. While another ...

hoovers the acorns up and scoots off to the tunnel. (Or rather tunnels. There are now so many chipmunk holes that the garden foundations must resemble a Swiss cheese.)

Saving space, evidently, by dumping the acorn hats outside the door. Well at least they're leaving the few tomato stragglers alone.  

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