Thursday, September 23, 2021

Summer Flashback: A Jaunt Round the Countryside Part 1

It's always fun discovering the hidden corners of western New York, with its dusty old houses, relics of former grandeur,  as yet undiscovered by tourists, a magical place where you don't need a passport to go abroad. To Warsaw, for example, former home of, among others, the cowboy poet Earl Alonzo Brininstool.  Here's the Wyoming County courthouse.

A place where lawyer hubby spent many happy hours. And opposite, a gingerbread mansion that once belonged to a lawyer colleague.

And now houses an arty crafty antiquey co-operative full of frothy folderol.

How's that for cool decor?

A superabundance of teapots.

Would that we still had afternoon tea. (Question: am I more likely to host this in Florida? Possibly. So more breakables to go south in sister-in-law's car.)
  And you have to be very careful what you bump into here.

But what a magnificent library it would have been.

to be continued.

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