Monday, September 5, 2022

Another Jungle Update

 Considering how neglected it's been because of my broken leg and us being away during the worst of the drought, the garden is putting on a brave face.

It all goes with the wild look that's trendy at the moment. Just look at what won at the Chelsea Flower Show. A wild look is not difficult to achieve here. There are plenty of weeds ready to step into the breach. The Show organisers should come and have a look.

The trumpet vine did have fewer flowers than usual

And despite strenuous efforts I haven't yet managed to stem the yellow tide.

But, as they say, there's always next year. And after helping themselves to the lilies early in the summer, the deer did deign to keep away - must have been the combination of the spray that smells like garlic and rotten eggs, Irish Spring soap and cayenne pepper. Or more like sheer blind luck. There have been a few deer hanging around the front and back gardens and when we drove up the lane and over the hill early one recent morning they were popping out at us all over the place. We managed to dodge the first two, then,  further up the hill, ran smack into one. Unbelievably both deer and car were unscathed, I can't understand why deer, who scarper at the slightest sound when you're on foot, seem to wait for a car before rushing across the road. At another point on the journey we stopped just in time and hooted at a bunch running to our left. One immediately peeled off and ran back in front of us. Someone told me that's their survival method - zig zag to evade your predator. Just like squirrels except, unfortunately, much bigger.

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