Friday, March 29, 2013

Great American Mysteries

There are many. The one taxing me at the moment is why people in Ohio drive on the left. Before you get too alarmed, I mean that they drive in the left lane of the motorway, even if they are going fairly slowly. Of course this can happen everywhere but it seems especially prevalent in Ohio. You can be driving along through Pennsylvania and suddenly see a slow driver in the fast lane. "What does that chap think he is about?" you might muse to yourself. But then you have a eureka moment. You realise that you passed the state line a few minutes ago. "Ah, I see, I am now in Ohio!" you exclaim. This leftish habit means a lot of irate out-of-state drivers getting stuck behind the miscreants. People from Ohio, who know the form, just pass on the inside. Coming from Britain, seeing people driving on the left does make me feel at home but it's also a puzzle to which I would like to find the answer. As we are currently visiting family in Ohio, I will do my best to get one.

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