Saturday, March 23, 2013


Perhaps this year they'll take their time. Last year they all sprang up, long and lanky in the unseasonal March warmth, only to be zapped by the heavy April frosts. It was all against the natural scheme of things. Daffodils had kinks in them and bent double and the frost hit the early-blossoming apple trees so hard that we didn't get a single apple. Perhaps that's why hubby's favourite New York apples, Cortlands, have already disappeared from the supermarket shelves, presumably not to return until autumn. So have the Mackintoshes, practically and he has to make do with Empires. (I've learned the New York apple names and they've been a pleasant surprise. Unlike the propaganda I heard in Britain, they don't just have Red Delicious here.) I expect the crop was decimated.  So a cold March is probably a good thing. Well you have to look on the bright side.
  Meanwhile Harley, our friends' dog from the farm around the corner,  is finding something else to laugh about....

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