Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The First Day of Spring

With last year's leaves still on the the baby oak. No sign of sprouting yet. Those groundhogs  were just plain wrong.

And a white knuckle drive to Hamburg - Hamburg, New York, that is, an hour up country lanes and the famously unfinished Route 219, aka the "Highway of Tears", with snow blowing across the road, interspersed with sleet, just enough to smear up the windscreen, wet roads, snowy roads, giant trucks spewing out slush, the occasional peek of sunlight from a blue sky with scudding clouds, then grey again and a mini-blizzard. I did not follow local advice and put a shovel and a bag of cat litter in the car. It wasn't that bad but bad enough to feel rather pleased with myself at getting back in one piece. So much for the first day of spring.
  But meanwhile, back at the woodpile, all is not well......

Just who is the culprit?

Surely not. Consensus is it was someone bigger and heavier. We've rigged up the spy camera but so far are none the wiser.

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