Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Great Bear Story


As we shiver in the vicious cold, all self-respecting bears are hibernating. But I still yearn for the day when I might see one. In the meantime, I continue to collect bear stories . And I heard a good one yesterday from a lady I met ski-ing. Always when you get a few Western New Yorkers together, the conversation turns to bear stories and this was hers.
  It was summer. Around 11.30pm and she was in her kitchen. The back door had one of those screens that keep mosquitoes out that everyone has around here. It means that, when it's warm, you can leave your door open and let the air in through the screen. It was very lucky that she hadn't done this. Extremely lucky in fact. Her back door was closed. She heard a rattling sound. She looked out through the glass panels and saw, to her horror, two giant paws up against the screen. And not just up against it. Shaking it. She screamed blue murder, her husband, aroused, grabbed his gun and the bear went lumbering off. But the next day it was back, grabbed the screen with both paws and wrenched it off the door. Point made, they didn't see it again. Never a dull moment here.

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