Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cookies* (Kukis) to Canada

As in coals to Newcastle. Sort of, anyway.  When I was in Jakarta last month,  I acquired a packet of coconut biscuits. "Kukis Kelapa" in the local lingo.Homely with a nice exotic twist, I thought. Maybe it's all the Dutch influence, I thought. Good pressie for hubby, I thought. So I lugged them back in my wheelie bag via Tokyo and Washington and Tampa and finally what remained of them at least, to Buffalo. And delicious they were too. Then I read the wrapper. And guess where these biscuits I got in Indonesia and dragged half way across the world originated from? Canada. More to the point, Burlington, Ontario, which is a couple of hours from us across the border. Is this what they call globalisation? I was just a mite disappointed but would have been more disappointed if they didn't taste so good. I'll have to look for them in WalMart.

*It is very rarely and with great regret that I bring myself to use the word "cookie", trying as I am to cling to the English language. However in this case it makes a catchier phrase. As, apparently, the Indonesians think too. Kukis. Huh.

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