Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter from Bexley

 Ohio that is, not Ted Heath's old stamping ground in south London.  But the Ohio version could almost be in Britain. It's a picturesque enclave hidden in the urban conglomeration of Ohio's capital, Columbus.
  A place where you can walk to the shops and no house looks the same as its neighbour

Where there's scope for imagination

Quaint alleyways

Bungalows American-style

And pretty cottages waiting patiently for spring

Which is just starting to spring as it's been a hard winter here too. Though some daffs are out

And blossoms almost ready to pop

And surprise surprise! Snow drops in America!

And you never know who might be sitting on the porch

(Meanwhile his friend

has been stuck up there a very long time.)

There are Easter egg trees

And someone else  

Is getting busy

No, you didn't see me!

 Happy Easter everyone!

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