Wednesday, April 29, 2015

On the Road 3: Country Cottage Corner

We came upon Trenton, Florida, home of the Suwannee Valley Shoppes, where there were sweet English-cottage style gardens.

Complete with butterfly

 And a natty goose and froggy friend welcoming us into a shop selling material and sewing needs... enormous quantities.  I still have nightmares about needlework lessons ar school but for someone who loves that sort of thing, it would be a paradise..

Complete with old-fashioned cotton reel dispenser.

It even had a little ol' ice cream parlour.

I loved the retro pink and blue tables against the black-and-white floor, though when we tried to buy ice creams, there was suddenly no one there, perhaps a good thing for our waistlines. It was like being in an Alice in Wonderland fantasy. One blink and it just might all disappear in a puff of candy floss.

The salt and pepper pots were a nifty touch.

 Meanwhile across the street

A retired railway station. We see a lot of those on our route. Americans really should go back to railways.

The Suwannee Valley Quilt Shop(pe),  according to its signs, managed to be both a shop and a shoppe and it contained a quilt I fell in love with - all on a watermelon theme.

This being my favourite patch.

If they'd just known, they could have named their price. I would have given anything (well almost) to have that watermelon pig and his environs. But he wasn't for sale. It was a love affair destined never to bloom. He'll live on only in fond memory.

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  1. My cousin "Pete" Randolph was mayor of Trenton for many years, until his retirement a few years back. Thank you for bringing me some beautiful vignettes of his beloved town. ~ Rosemary A. in Ohio