Monday, April 27, 2015

On the Road Part 2: A Picnic Spot

Funny how, on some trips we search and search for somewhere to pull off the road when it's time for a sandwich and find nothing that isn't someone's private driveway or the car park at Dollar General. (And then of course the perfect spot appears mid-afternoon when we don't need it.) And sometimes we get lucky. 

This picnic spot, in a place called Hernando, Florida, was pretty near perfect. A lake. Stately oaks draped with Spanish moss.

And best of all, hardly anyone around. I noted that Hernando is near a place called Inverness Highlands North. A more inappropriate name for somewhere in Florida I cannot imagine. Though I did once go to a Highland Games in Sarasota.

(More pictures from which at a later date. It was quite something.)

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