Sunday, May 24, 2015

More Blossom Time

All my neighbours are agreed that this has been a bumper spring for appleblossom. Even crabapple blossom.

There hasn't been  major late frost, so far, at any rate. So I will have to go all American in the autimn and brush up on my apple pie skills. I did once bake a proper American apple pie, nervously cosulting the recipe every few seconds.. It turned out pretty well. I have to make my own as Americans always drown theirs in cinnamon. Like air-conditioning, loading everything edible with cinnamon is one of those American habits I could do without.

 And there are all kinds of other blossoms too, this one being outside a neighbour's house.I particularly like this darker pink which is something like a sorbet I once tasted and I can't now remember where. A pity it was a misty morning.

 Driving to town there are umpteen beautiful trees but, as with the best autumn leaves, they're never in places where you can easily stop and take a photo.

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