Monday, May 4, 2015

On the Road 4:Pecan Paradise

 Who can resist a sign like this?

I didn't know much about pecans but it seems they, rather than peanuts or peaches, are Georgia's real pride. And there's pecan pie of course.  And they weren't lying about the truckloads.

And when you looked the other way there was pecan oil and pecan brittle (which is extraordinarily good, until you accidentally splash water on it when it liquidises in a sticky mess) and pecan nougat bars. And these places always sell jars of pickles and jams with amusing names like "Good and Evil Pickles". . I'm always tempted to buy another jar - hence we've got so many we could open a shop. There's only so much jam and pickle you can get through.

There followed an attempt at lunch at one of the South's grimmer picnic spots. It looks picturesque enough, the trees draped with Spanish moss but you could only see the river by standing on a steep boat ramp ...

and goodness knows what lurked in that water.

Above the river was a dingy looking campsite - deserted at this time of year except by hordes of pugnacious mosquitoes. We snatched a sandwich at a grimy picnic table and hit the road again.

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