Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Western NY Mellow Fruitfulness Part 2

The farmers' market  

is at its best 

Though sadly that means signs of autumn.. .

Like pumpkins and seriously healthy greens

Delicious tomatoes but not as delicious as ours. The trouble with that, though, was there's only been one of them. So far anyway.

Those peaches were pretty good too. And New York apples appearing at last after several frustrating weeks of last year's mushy ones. Below some hot stuff.

 And Barbara, pie-maker par excellence.

 These are the best lettuces in the world

 "Is that a fancy camera?"

There's still some corn and the ubiquitous courgettes, er, sorry, I mean zucchini

And here's Cooper the calf from our old friend, Flanigan Farm

 Don't worry, he's not for sale.

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