Monday, June 27, 2016

A Brexit-Free Zone

...Or at least I thought it was going to be. The American media have given it wall-to-wall coverage. And I thought they were bad enough with the Royal Babies. I have taken to hiding, as I don't think I can stand anyone else bouncing up to me and shrieking,  "What do you think?"  Of course, around here in rural western New York, the perspective is a little different from Wall Street's.  Many of my neighbours have long dreamed of seceding from New York state and the clutches of Albany and the Big Apple, which they don't feel represent their interests one jot. So they're seeing it as a David vs Goliath thing, the triumph of the little guy and are very excited. I was congratulated at the birth of the Royal Babies and now I'm being congratulated over Brexit. I got one of those chain emails originating with a woman who claimed she was so thrilled that she's now flying the Union Jack. Which is quite something from an American.

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