Friday, July 8, 2016

The Lane and the Disappearing Deer

 If I hit just the right time in the morning to go for my workout up our steep lane, I might see some interesting sights. If I'm too late, I see our friendly neighbour walking his redoubtable dog but not much else. The best time is when the morning fog is just starting to lift.

The other day I reactivated my old camera, put it in my pocket and trudged to the top of the hill and down the other side. There, far ahead of me, were some characters crossing the road. It looked like a mother and baby - raccoons perhaps, too dark to be woodchucks. I reached for the camera, which got stuck in my pocket. When I finally wrenched it free, they were gone.
  Another day I woke up earlier and thought, "this is my chance". I was right - the white tail deer were everywhere, charging through the undergrowth, trotting across the road

But always just a bit too far away.

One was just about to burst out of the bushes when a pickup truck went past and it scarpered. Maybe I'll have better luck another day.  Meanwhile, passing another neighbour's house, I realised I was being watched.

What do you want with those silly deer when you've got me?

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