Saturday, August 20, 2016

Vermont: A Splendid Set of Wheels

Well what a bit of luck! Newport happened to have a car show. And it hadn't started raining yet.Which was a good thing for this car.

 Car show owners worldwide have a sense of humour, though this one was a bit macabre.

Yup - it's a rat

Aha, nice to see a small British contingent. The car I mean. The owners appeared to be Vermonters - with good taste in motors.

They don't make 'em like that any more.

There's something about a blue-and-white Cadillac convertible..

 And those retro dashboards

Those white tyres

The fins

The chrome

The knobs and dials

The insignia

Which looked incongruous on this little Nash Metropolitan, "An Austin with a different skin", as hubby put it.

 Here's nostalgia on wheels - a 1940 Ford Woody

 Someone's got their original manuals

Zut! The French are here!

 Which reminded us that we were supposed to be heading across the border an hour ago. We had plans for dinner in Canada.

To be continued

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