Monday, September 11, 2017

A Long Way From London

Sunday afternoon at Buffalo lakefront and the tourists are queuing up for their trip on Miss Buffalo.

Having decided it was a bit too windy for our little Titanic 2, we went to check out the much-lauded new nature reserve areas.

I wonder why all this "be safe" business is so beloved iof Americans. It seems to me a touch pessimistic. At the beginning of the summer hols our local high school posts a sign saying not, "Enjoy Yourselves" or "See You in September" but, "Have a Safe Vacation". What do they think might happen?
Anyway, here's a map of what you can see at the nature reserve. I think this may be an example of  "interpretive signage."

Well there's some grass.

And some pretty flowers.

A path.

A no doubt lots of interesting birds. But it all pales into insignificance next to the most exotic sight I've seen in Buffalo.

Wow! How about that! As hubby would say. It made me feel homesick for London

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