Saturday, September 30, 2017

This Little Piggy

I swung by the farmers' market this morning and got a huge haul of courgettes (zucchini as my neighbours say), beans, extra-sweet tomatoes, carrots, miniature pumpkin pie and not one but two of the world-beating butterleaf lettuces. I have to make the most of it - only a few more Saturdays to go.  And I had to hurry to get back for United vs Palace.  But the star of the show

was Pop Tart, 2 weeks, held by proud dad John Policastro of  Flanigan Farm which will be  familiar  to  blog readers.  Sadly, she lost her mother, Poppy and her siblings and is being hand-reared on milk mixture before going on to solids. I'd never stroked a piglet before and Pop Tart's ginger mop was deliciously soft. Best of all were the tiny pink trotters (see below).

Best of luck little one -we're rooting for you!  

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