Monday, September 4, 2017

Marina Madness

Sailing out of Buffalo Marina on one of our few days on the water this tempestuous summer. Now what was that in front of us, moored near the Ugly Tower?

It was a swanky yacht from somewhere in the Caribbean. You do sometimes see them in the summer. Perhaps he'll be cruising the Great Lakes. Most of the boats around here are a little more modest, including our own Titanic 2.

It was a windy day. Even the Spirit of Buffalo had only one red sail up.

And here's a very Buffalo scene - the Moondance Cat, sponsored by the local TV station, jolly revellers aboard, cruising past an old grain elevator.

Then we saw something bizarre.

Was it a water spout? That's a sort of wet tornado in reverse. You sometimes get them on Lake Erie.
No, on closer inspection it was a gush of water from a giant hosepipe with a person standing on top of it.

Doing all kinds of acrobatics - or is it aerobatics?

Evidently this is a new extreme sport.

Whatever will they think of next?

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