Thursday, September 28, 2017

Up the Lane: Aster Times

Dateline:Cattaraugus County

The blog has returned from some lengthy travels and was surprised to find how hot it is here. Friends inform me that they're finally getting the summer they were cheated out of earlier in the year. I took a walk to reacquaint myself with the lane and found the asters out in force.

You've got to applaud those asters.

The ones in our garden manage to dodge being weeded and then pop up merrily fringing the trees and blending beautifully with the mass of yellow black or brown-eyed Susans, as if saying, "Told you to give as a chance!"
  The weather yesterday morning could be described as "warm fog."

The leaf colours aren't really out yet

Except for the odd sumac but the forests and roadsides still have the "tapestry look".

More of those cheeky asters in the hedgerows.

 And it was so noisy - woodpeckers hammering, bluejays shrieking, drips dripping, acorns plopping, insects chirping and the patter of cloven hooves on the tarmac. (Look carefully)

Our motion detector light went on this morning - probably one of the above casing the joint for suitable winter meals.  Actually, just after I took this pic, a car came down the road. He didn't know how lucky he was. 
Their static friend has new headgear

  Presumably in praise of  "soccer" .   Or perhaps an American football just doesn't balance so well. Meanwhile the trees make pretty patterns.

And still look very green.

 Though I fear not for long.

 Next up: surprises in the garden. Watch this space.

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