Thursday, September 7, 2017

Very Vermont

On a fleeting visit to Burlington, Vermont, the Green Mountain State, we sauntered to the marina, which is on Lake Champlain.. Just like in Buffalo, there was more to add to my weird boat name collection.

A pretty sight against the blue sky.

Here's another one.

A lovely-looking little ship too.

Burlington has a railway line, still used a bit and a grand old stone station.

Now how's this for a view from your back garden? Just about perfect!

And they grow their own hops too..

Church Street Marketplace is Burlington's historic Shopping Central. 

But the lake is nicest of all.

With scenic coves and mountains in the distance.

And more ridiculously sublime views. I'm told Lake Champlain has a monster called Champ, who pre-dates Nessie. Can you spot him? I thought not but we did spot a couple of dogs gambolling in the water wearing designer lifejackets as a precaution.

And talking about sublime. Guess what we saw at the airport?

Yes, a proper little yoga studio, complete with mats and a meaningful pile of pebbles for you to cuddle, or whatever you do with them. I suppose it's meant for nervous flyers.

As you can see, it had glass walls. Personally I would have to be extremely nervous before tying myself into lycra-clad knots in full view of passing fellow-passengers. But someone must use it.

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