Monday, October 23, 2017

More Hazardous Produce

Actually they look more like gentle giants. Moomins spring to mind, if anyone remembers those old children's books.

Spotted in the supermarket, something called Jackfruit, You can see how big they are. The green globes on the left are not Brussels sprouts but full-size melons. The instructions tell people like me, who've never seen one, how to eat a jackfruit. Share with friends they say. As I didn't have 5,000 friends immediately to hand, I didn't buy one.
Ps I have now googled it and found it comes from Asia and is being hailed as the new "miracle food". Step aside kale, broccoli rabe et al. And vegans can use it as a meat substitute. Tastes a bit like pulled pork, they say. Oh yes?

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