Friday, June 5, 2020

Sprouting Signs

It's been bit rough on the local schoolchildren that they can't have their graduation ceremonies. Especially here in America where graduation from High School, from Middle School, from Elementary School -  even kindergartens have their mini processons with the requisite blast of Land of Hope and Glory, or rather the instrumental version of - is such a big thing. Not like Britain, where the pomp and circumstance is mostly reserved for getting your University degree. Most places have thought up their own solutions. Here the schools held parades of decorated cars while people clapped and held up signs from their front gardens. 
  On the fence outside the high school hung portraits of all the graduating class - the Seniors, as they call them, rather poignantly all dressed up for their formally posed photos, the boys in black tie, the girls in smart black dresses. It did bring a lump to my throat - how people can manage to make the best of a bad situation. Well good luck to them all.

Not to be outdone, the teachers are also being celebrated. Well I'm not sure if this one is for a pupil or a teacher...

Though this is definitely a teacher.

 All these signs saying honk for something or other. You have to be quick off the mark and I usually miss it or I'm wary if I'm not quite sure what I'm meant to be honking for. There was a chap sitting on the edge of the park last week with a a sign that, as far as I could tell, just said, "Honk".
  But this business about the "amazing" educator. Why stop at teachers? They have signs for health workers too, of course but how about "an Amazing Plumber lives here", or "an Amazing Retired Lawyer", or, come to think about it,  "an Amazing Blogger",  or even "an Amazing Lazy Layabout"? In America, after all, we're all amazing.

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