Saturday, January 30, 2021

It's a Bird World

 Dateline: Golden Beach, Florida

A gorgeous morning on the beach - chilly by Florida standards but who's complaining? In Cattaraugus County it's 19F and scattered snow showers. 
I ambled along picking up some pretty shells, looking at fishing boats on the horizon and then spied a typical Florida beach scene.

The hopeful heron was waiting for handouts - as they do.

He had no luck while I was watching but stuck around patiently,  completely ignored by the fisherman, for whom, no doubt, it was old news.

I think they call it coexistence.
Meanwhile, a few days ago, I heard raucous screeching and looked up.

To see a bunch of parakeets partying on the cable. That surprised me. I thought they were all in southern England.

It appears to be nesting season here and the cathedral ospreys are making themselves comfortable again on the conning tower - sorry, spire.

And the ibises continue to land where and when they want, in this case strutting along the pavement on Venice avenue.

I like the way they cluck contentedly to themselves, happy in their own world.
As to the question of who runs Florida. I can tell you it's the birds.

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