Wednesday, November 24, 2021

And Finally Golden Beach

 Well here we are again in Venice, Florida - to be correct we arrived a month ago but, well, it takes time to sort these photos out.

The beach was still there to greet us, I'm happy to say.

So were the weeds, unfortunately (I'm working on it - watch this space!)

Somewhere, under that lot,  were some flowers. 

You'll never believe how fast weeds can grow in the hot, humid summer,  until you come to Florida. (Western New York in June is bad but nothing like this.)

Though the Mexican clover does make what's left of the lawn look pretty. At this time of year there's quite a carpet of it.

The birds still rule the roost, as it were.

And Titanic 3 was still faithfully waiting at the neighbours'.

Though sadly she's now left us but I hope is getting more of a chance to rollick happily on the Gulf of Mexico with her new owner, who happens to come from Newcastle. How about that?

No I have to be off to tackle the garden....

Watch this space.....

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