Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Desperately sad for those poor people. We are exceedingly lucky not to live in "tornado alley" - these ugly brainless natural phenomena don't mind where they strike - in open country, knocking down a barn or two (usual) or in a city killing schoolkids. But they don't much like hilly country. though occasionally we've seen unexplained swathes of downed trees in the forest. A small tornado perhaps or a violent gust of wind but whatever it was, it gives a tiny idea of what these monsters can do. A relative was living in Texas when a tornado lifted off the roof of his local supermarket. And his neighbour's washing machine landed half a mile away. Small fry compared to Oklahoma ... but still.
 Odd to hear about all this while we're in London and watching the British weather forecast, "Don't worry - it won't happen here". And a Londoner remarked yesterday,  "In Britain we complain about the weather but the weather isn't usually lethal". America is different. It may be a superpower but it's powerless against the forces of nature, which is a humbling thought.

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