Thursday, May 2, 2013

Almost Heaven Western New York

A hazy moonrise the other morning. And the spring peepers are peeping again in the pond across the road.

Who needs Amsterdam when you've got Cattaraugus County?

And the blossoming trees have travelled up north.

This is a little wonky as it was taken out of the car window on the way home from the village Post Office.
  Of course, the downside of the better weather is that they're digging up the roads everywhere and the demon excavator has been going up and down our lane. His job is, apparently, to clear the ditches and the verges but he usually succeeds in massacring umpteen innocent baby trees that looked so sweet springing up along the roadside banks.  I once challenged him and he claimed he was told to clear stuff so the deer had nowhere to hide by the side of the road. A pitiful excuse. That's not going to stop the deer crossing where they've always crossed for generations. It'll just make them run a bit faster.

This is all rather poignant as I am writing from an airport hotel in Buffalo. It's probably the last I'll see of those tulips.  We are bound for a spring visit to England.  This time we're chancing it with changing planes in Washington, a connection that doesn't always work.  I hope I don't have to award any Flying Turkeys.  Watch this space...

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