Tuesday, November 12, 2013

In Which I am Disowned by Hubby

More travelling this Bank Holiday weekend and a family visit to southern Illinois. Sunday morning found me at Buffalo Airport, laptop on my knees, glued to Man United v. Arsenal. Being in a public place, I tried to muffle my shrieks of  "Oh No!" and "YESSSSSSSS!!!!"  but soon got some uncomprehending worried stares from the Americans around me. Hubby, looking increasingly embarrassed, mouthed, "It's OK, it's only a soccer game." and retreated to the bookshop. I was quite heartened, though, to hear another American voice behind me ask, "Is that the Man U-Arsenal game?"
"Yes!" I said.
 "Are you an Arsenal fan?"
"No I am not an Arsenal fan".
He relaxed visibly and asked, "Is the kid Adnan playing?"
"No, I fear not".
We spent a few minutes debating the relative defensive merits of Evans and Rafael and the too-frequent absence of Chicharito from the starting lineup. I invited him to join me for the second half but he suddenly remembered he had a plane to catch. Life is full of surprises. The glorious final whistle coincided with the return of poor hubby, who found himself crushed in an ecstatic hug.

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