Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Road Trip Continued: Pigs in the South

 What is it with the South and pigs? They seem to love 'em.  A traditional food- source perhaps and they cherish their barbecued pork restaurants with names like "Pig in a Pit".  (Incidentally there's nothing so good as pulled pork in a bun, oozing barbecue sauce. Though the best I've had were right in Western NY).
  Then of course there's the fabled Southern supermarket chain:

Making the most of its porcine theme

Thing is, we've travelled thgrough South Carolina and Georgia a number of times now and never seen an actual alive-and-kicking pig. Unless this one counts:

Tantalisingly luring us to his restaurant,

a place we'd earmarked for lunch; its name, even by American standards, being irresistible.

But sadly, like its heavenly counterpart, the Garden of Eat'n was closed to us mortals.

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