Monday, November 25, 2013

RIP Bill Foulkes

He of the "flabbergasting" winning goal for Manchester United against Real Madrid in the 1968 European Cup semi-final. Ah blessed memories!  He was the sort of dour, steady player people just took for granted and a defender of course, in the days when defenders knew their place. But that goal was arguably the most important in the club's history. Modestly, he said he'd just happened to be in the right place at the right time and got that perfect pass from Georgie Best. How to explain all  that to Americans? Hubby still can't get his head round the difference between the Premier League, the Champions League, the Capital One Cup, the FA Cup, the World Cup, oh, I don't know......And in a country where football players all have college degrees, they would find it puzzling that Bill was a former miner.
  He did, though, have some management stints in America - in Chicago, Tulsa and San Jose. I wonder what they thought of him?  Another sign of the times - he doggedly started playing again, taking on the team captaincy because there wasn't anyone else left who could do it, just a few days after surviving the 1958 Munich Air Crash. And he got no counselling. Those were the days.

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