Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Western New York Idyll:November Walks

    It's getting colder and the "I wish I was in Florida!" vibes are kicking in. But there's a beauty to the bitter days here;  the lake at the top of our lane with patches of ice.

The dried, dead wildflowers.

The sudden tang of woodsmoke on the air and distant shots - it's deer season.Last week's early snowfall has almost gone - for now - though some still frosts the roadsides.

 and the shadier parts of the woods.

The beauty of the bare trees against the sky.

 And after the rain, a little waterfall.

 Some autumn gold still left

 And a deep silence

 The sun on the lane

 and vapour trails

 A bite in the air and a babbling brook

Were winter only always like this!

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