Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Turkey Day Snowed Off?

Yikes - possibly!  That's what everyone around here is saying. Today's the biggest travelling day of the year in the US, in preparation of course, for Thanksgiving tomorrow and the east is blanketed in snow, with much more to come.

I heard the ominous sound of scraping this morning and saw hubby at his first shovelling session of the winter

Our guests coming from Ohio have cried off for today and hope to risk it tomorrow morning, when the weather forecast's marginally better. So they've managed to dodge the cooking but have promised to do the washing up. And we can all blame a certain young family member for praying fervently for snow all week so he can get on the bunny run at the ski resort.

He may be in luck. The ski resort is rubbing its collecting hands in glee. Open for Thanksgiving! Oh the sweet bleep of the cash register!

Some turkeys might be in luck too.

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