Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mother Goose

 I have a soft spot for Canada geese.   They get in the way, they, as the Americans put it delicately, poop everywhere and there are probably on balance far too many of them. But I love the way we're under their flight path and hear them honking up above in their great, pulsating v-formations.

 Meanwhile, at Buffalo Marina

 There are new kids on the block.

But things always happen when you haven't got a chance to grab the camera. We were launching the boat down the ramp and I had my hands full with lines when Ma Goose decided to launch the babies the easy way, strutting down the ramp with offspring in tow and plopping into the water at the bottom. Meanwhile the speedboats and cigarette boats and power boats and our little sailing boat just had to wait their turn.
  At the dock, their older cousins came scrounging.

 Totally disregarding the "no swimming" rule.

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