Saturday, July 19, 2014

Picasso Pig

I have seen some extraordinary things on my travels. This morning I was wandering around our local farmers' market in Olean, looking for lettuces when I spotted a lady nonchalantly walking what looked like a small, grey dog. 

I also noticed that people were passing her and doing a double take, "Noooo way! It's not is it? Surely not? Yes it is...!

...a PIG!

  Indeed, it was a pig,a miniature, tail-wagging pig,  name of Olivia. And not just any old pig. Olivia is an artist.

 And here's one of her pig-tures.

   I'm amazed that she hasn't become an international celebrity yet. That oeuvre is far better than a lot of stuff I've seen in the Tate Modern.
  Owners the Policastro family (no, not Picasso, Policastro - that's Jess Policastro in the photo)  run Flanigan Farm, which sells their own produce: chicken, eggs, beef, pork (not that Olivia is going to be turned into chops any time soon). I'm not normally in the business of advertising here but their website is so delightful and so western New York that you might like to take a look.

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