Friday, September 23, 2016

A Peek at Rural France

Taking the "sometimes elsewhere" literally...
The cows wish to preserve their anonymity. We don't want no tourists moo-ing in here.

 It's much too lovely (and no, we're not telling you where it is)

The scenery is a little like western New York's. Though there are some different touches. For one thing, the French know how to make good use of their old junk

The war memorials are better looking.

And on balance, the architecture has the edge.

The real(ly old) thing takes a lot of beating.

If only there were thriving congregations to go with them.  America has the edge there.

This doorway could tell a few stories

The flower arrangements have a touch of Je ne sais quoi

No room to park your pickup here. How can they cope?

The French know a thing or two about dessert.  This is a "cafe gourmand".

That's enough now. Don't want everyone coming here.

Back to western New York next week.

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