Monday, September 19, 2016

And More Sacket's Harbor

Sacket's Harbor in the morning and back for another look at the battlefield. 

The Brits were replused. Twice. Huh. This was the old well.

The vegetable garden Why would you need a vegetable garden in the middle of a battlefield? If you run out of ammo you can use broccoli.  This shows how dry and parched it was. The bit around the vegetable patch was watered, the rest not.

Nearby one of the old officers' houses

And one of the old officers' wives, who obviously hasn't been eating enough vegetables

Here's Mr Sackett's house, a hospital during the War of 1812, complete with naval cannon. Somewhere along the line, the town lost one of his Ts.

The former Union Hotel, a most harmonious stone building 

Those tables are a little de trop

Wonder what happened to him?

A sweet cottage

With real English-style hollyhocks

Locals have a sense of humour

They certainly do

 Ha Ha. But they never did find out who stole the T

 Nor have I ever found out what night crawlers are

 Brunch restaurant par excellence. It's called Tin Pan Galley.

That's Sacket's Harbor. Just touristy enough to have a chocolate shop. And just un-touristy enough that you can find a parking space on Main Street in August. My sort of place.

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