Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Perfect Sausage

  See below.  Here is a small update. I have just had the perfect British banger from a stall at the Southampton Boat Show.  Big, beautiful and stuffed with pork and herbs and nestling in a crisp baguette - admittedly not very traditional but just the thing for a takeaway lunch. I ask myself again, why can't the Americans do this?  There, it would be a flabby, insipid hot dog, the consistency of congealed blancmange and only made palatable by gallons of glutinous relish. And it would be in a soft, white, flavourless bun. "They'd sell 'em in America," hubby pronounced, "but I guess they've decided there isn't a market." Obviously, Americans on an outing prefer their hot-dogs - when they aren't munching on deep-fried dough. Just can't understand it.  

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