Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Beautiful Moon

Taken outside our front door at about 9pm last night, on or around the longest day of the year and proof to my British friends that our summer days are indeed shorter and winter days longer than back home. With our much harsher winters here, I often forget that we're actually further south.
   It's muggy weather at the moment and at night, the fireflies are out in force, dancing in the dark, whirling and twinkling, dashing and flashing on and off, appearing and disappearing and appearing again somewhere else - a fantastic show, worthy of some swanky art installation at the Tate Modern. Apparently, close to, they are ungainly things, so better just to imagine them.  A neighbour tells how, they would call them "lightning bugs" and as children, they would catch them in jars and use them as lanterns. 

Update:  Caught on camera!

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