Monday, December 30, 2013

Lake Erie Effect

Lake Erie on Sunday was bleak and grey. Looking out towards Canada, we could see just a little ice. 

 Congealing in lumps..

Interestingly, this is not a good sign. If the lake doesn't freeze, cold air drifting from Canada meets the warmer air over the lake and results in everyone's favourite Western New York weather phenomenon, Lake Effect Snow. This can be nightmarish, as we've already experienced this year. Normally, the lake would freeze by January but who knows what will happen. It was well on the way to freezing before last week's warm blast.
  Below is the Buffalo Marina beach (sic), complete with rubbish, driftwood and a little strip of snow,
 looking out towards the harbour wall, Beyond is the vastness of the Great Lake itself.

And here the Marina wall and in the distance, the historic lighthouse.

We saw a lone fishing boat heading out. When the lake's frozen, ice fisherman set up their little huts on the ice a little further along the lake. Now they have to do it the conventional way. I pointed out to hubby that it was not a good day for sailing. He looked disappointed.

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