Sunday, December 22, 2013

Welcome to Florida North

 The weather this early winter is getting more and more bizarre.  Today the temperature rose to sixty degrees. And this is what happened to the poor old ski area.

Thursday's magical slopes are gone, replaced by ribbons of dirty white and mud and in the foreground, a flooded river. Heartbreaking for the owners - and the skiers - for this to happen just in time for Christmas.

 In fact, with all that snow melting at extraordinary speed,  a sizeable part of Western New York is under water.  These chaps are wondering what happened to their paddock.

And plenty of people have discovered an early Christmas present - a much coveted "inground" swimming pool in their back gardens.
  It was much much worse north of Buffalo. Here, with temperatures some 30 degrees below ours, an ice storm swept through, causing power cuts, power lines down, treacherous roads and all kinds of havoc. Whatever next?

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