Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Snowy Wastes of Siberia

aka Buffalo Airport on Sunday evening..

 Unlike Heathrow, these chaps know how to take a little of the white stuff in their stride.

Here are some snowploughs, discussing tactics.

The really scary bit was the drive home

The bright light was a sign warning of "severe weather conditions".

We didn't need to be told. There was a blizzard, nil visibility and crashed cars littering the roadsides.

We even saw a snowplough off the road. We got back white as sheets and shaking all over. Even hubby, who's been driving in snow for years. Welcome home to Western New York!

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  1. Glad you made it! Many years ago, my husband and I were stranded in a blizzard outside Buffalo, New York. Our car had broken down while we traveled from Cincinnati, Ohio back to the military base near Boston where my husband was stationed. As the temperature plummeted, with no help in sight (this was long before the advent of cell phones) the end of life seemed near. We were eventually rescued and taken to a motel to thaw out, but I am now allergic to driving in blizzards, and not terribly fond of Buffalo, New York. ~ Rosemary in Ohio