Friday, October 31, 2014

A Surfing Witch

 Wins this year's Howling Turkey Award for best Halloween display. It was in the car park in Venice, Florida.

The old Buick woodie car was sweet too, even if it was advertising an estate agents.. Of course they've missed a trick here (ha ha) since Americans don't talk about "estate" cars. They call them "wagons". And come to think about it, they usually call estate agents 'realtors", something I can never pronounce.

Second prize to a very realistic giant spider with glowing orange eyes. This one in Ponte Vedra near Jacksonville, on Florida's north-east coast. It quite made me jump.

But I liked this bat banner too, especially their expressions.

I have to say that Halloween displays look funny in Florida, with all its sunshine and light and palm trees. A bit like pumpkins and Christmas, they seem to belong further north.

More on the road trip coming up shortly...

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