Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cotton Fields and a Friendly Garage

Down through North Carolina, which seems to have sprouted a lot more cotton fields. 

 Perhaps because it's getting out of tobacco? The fields often bordered with goldenrod and flitted-over by yellow butterflies.

Elsewhere,  clumps of black-eyed Susans by the roadside. Tall fire towers and more election signs. One said, simply "Secede". Another  Carolina phenomenon seemed to be pickup trucks pulling out into the road in front of us. Mostly without looking. We stopped at a garage that sold Cadbury's creme eggs - with green inside instead of yellow. "For Halloween" the girl explained.  Green Easter eggs for Halloween. Now I've seen it all. 
This was a friendly place.

And the petrol was cheap too, certainly by western New York standards.

Not to mention British ones.

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