Monday, October 6, 2014

Here Comes Gracechurch...

   ...or Broadpoint? The American version of  Broadchurch is upon us. It's called Gracepoint and apparently set in some quiet seaside village in California, if there really is such a thing. It's weird seeing a village high street (sorry, MAIN street) with flat-fronted shops and a rather larger wooden house for Danny's family. And would you believe it..

Yes! It's the same bloke playing the detective!

Only this time he's traded his Scottish accent for an American one. The other actors are different - well they would have to have a blonde, slightly more glamorous female lead wouldn't they? But they've got the same names!  Of all the daft things I've seen on American television, this has got to be one of the daftest. As I've frequently said, this Americanisation of perfectly good foreign drama is nothing but an insult to the intelligence of Americans (they can't possibly cope with those funny accents, can they?) How the British have survived for decades on a diet of American films and TV series with no dubbing or subtitles, I just can't think.  Rumour has it, Gracepoint might have a different ending and some different twists. Well it better, since the British one only aired here last year and most people will remember whodunnit. But, for goodness sake, can't they make up their own stories? Or is the main reason for making it, probably at considerable expense, that nerds with nothing better to do can sit there and play "Spot the Difference"? Spoiler alert: here were my predictions for the American Broadchurch at the time.

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