Thursday, November 6, 2014

Little Distractions en Route

Leaving Charleston, we headed south and couldn't resist this little distraction

I got some peach cider for hubby. Of course when Americans talks about cider, they mean non-alcoholic stuff. Our sort they call "hard cider". And grits are nothing to do with road but look like the sort of thing Oliver Twist asked for more of in the workhouse, only worse. They come into their own, however, when properly prepared with cheese, shrimps and so on.

Georgia likes to pride itself on being the peach capital of the world but in this case South Carolina jumped the gun. "Lowcountry" sounds wonderfully swampy and murky but it's cuisine is pretty good.

And this was a nice, nostalgic touch.

A propos of nothing, sister-in-law called this the bow tie bridge.

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