Wednesday, November 19, 2014


  Winter Storm Knife, Snowvember, A Significant Weather Event, whatever its latest moniker is, we in Cattaraugus County haven't had a piece of it. Yet. Our snow covering is still relatively meagre.

On the other hand our friends in a village near Buffalo just told us they got five feet in one day and could barely get out of their house. They heard a big crash and a snow-covered branch fell and pulled down their power lines and the box from inside the house. A heroic utility crew managed to struggle up their extremely long drive on foot in chest-high snow and fixed it.
   There's been plenty to take away from the news reports in the past couple of days. All the neighbours helping each other. The chap with the backwards baseball cap taking in a stranded motorist. Baby Lucy Grace delivered in the fire station by two nurses who just happened to be stranded there as well. The TV reporter sticking his hand into a snowdrift and saying, "This is no ordinary snowdrift - it's got a car inside it." I wonder how many takes (and snowdrifts) before he got that one right.
  My favourite bizarre bit was when Governor Andrew Cuomo got taken on a tour of the trucks stranded with their drivers on the New York State Thruway (sic) which I thought was supposed to be closed to all non-essential traffic. TV cameras showed him knocking on a truck cab window. "Just imagine", I said to hubby, "You're a poor stranded truck driver; you wake up from a snooze and see Andrew Cuomo banging on your window." For some reason he thought this was terribly funny.        

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